I am a glass artist, I love what I do and you have no idea how good it feels to say that!

I am passionate about working with glass - on reflection, I'm fairly sure that the slight element of danger has something to do with this!

I work mostly with reclaimed glass, broken greenhouse glass, glass from picture frames and indeed pretty much any odd bits of glass I can recycle! My favourite finds are the fabulous gems of colour that you spot amongst the sand and pebbles at the seaside - the irresistible gleam and sparkle of Sea Glass! The wire within my work is mostly from my local car stereo repair shop, old wire looms from cars and scrap cast-offs from electricians. All of it needs to be stripped from the rubber casing before I can use it.

Each piece I create is unique, an exploration of colour and form, the molten glass leading the way, the colours working each time in an unusual, unique and fabulous way.

My main inspiration comes from the  great outdoors and the fantastic Jurassic Coast where most of our free time is spent digging for treasure, kayaking, collecting shells, driftwood and of course the ever illusive Sea Glass! The range of colours in this rawest of environments, ever changing as the sky, sea and sand do their thing makes my heart sing, I hope that my art expresses this in a way that my words are unable to.

It is more important to me than I can say that we re-use our dwindling resources rather than discarding them - this is why almost all of my work will have had a former life as a window, greenhouse or something completely different. It makes working with the different glass types challenging and often a little unpredictable but this adds to my total fascination with the process, pushing the limits of what a piece of glass should do and what I can coax it into being - I truly love it!

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