It is more important to me than I can say that we re-use our dwindling resources rather than discarding them - this is why almost all of my work will have had a former life as a window, greenhouse, packing material or something completely different. 

I am a mixed-media artist, I love what I do and you have no idea how good it feels to say that!

My most recent work makes use of the ghost fishing nets and fishing debris we find on our family beach cleans along our beautiful Jurassic Coast - I use it to create my original monotypes and theses form the unique boats sails I use for my sailing boats. 

I am passionate about our oceans and my love affair with our spectacular coastline, our turquoise sea, our wildlife, is an ever evolving one. We all need to play our part in acting responsibly and if by using some of this awful ocean plastic to create my work I am able to highlight this disaster in a way that helps people to take notice than that is a start.

The range of colours in this rawest of environments, ever changing as the sky, sea and sand do their thing makes my heart sing, I hope that my art expresses this in a way that my words are unable to.

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