Kate Osman

This Bio is fairly brief and to the point so you don't get too bored - feel free to skip to the glass... that's the important bit!
 Kate Osman

I graduated from the University of Derby a while ago now with a BA in Photographic studies where I had specialised in black and white mural printing. The real world was not quite ready for the scale of my abstract art so back in West Sussex I worked as a graphic designer, bar manager, charity shop manager and polo groom to keep all bases covered and the bills paid! Eventually I convinced a local photographer to take me on as his assistant, printmaking and helping in his shop while photographing weddings too - I quickly realised that the responsibility of capturing ' The Big Day ' and wading through all the social and emotional undercurrents and pitfalls was not for me and so temporarily hung up my camera working instead as a shipbroker!

Having exhausted a rather large range of jobs, my husband Ian and I went on holiday to Scotland, fell in love with Ayrshire and the West Coast, put in an offer on a ramshackle former coaching inn with amazing views, barns and a monstrous totally wild garden and found ourselves in a matter of days the soon to be new owners of a piece of history in the middle of nowhere! Our house in Sussex was sold, notice was given at work and within a matter of weeks we made the move with no jobs, two cats, one dog and a very odd assortment of furniture! It was here that my childhood love affair with the sea and the sand was re-kindled. Stretches of white sand, blue sea and not a person in sight became the backdrop for many of my days, the only downside being that if you ventured into the tempting water, hypothermia became a serious consideration! I worked as an artist and therapist having re-trained once we moved and loved it! After nearly five years we risked another holiday - this time down to the wilds of Dorset and Somerset - totally fatal! Yet another house was viewed, an offer made and the whole process began again... in reverse!

That was over fourteen years, two houses, three studios and three children ago. Now based in Marnhull and whenever possible, on the beautiful Dorset coast, I work as a glass artist and I can truly say it is my passion. I only installations and glass art pieces that I love and really hope that you will too. I run workshops and one to one bespoke sessions so if you would like to try this for yourself please contact me. I have recently upgraded my kiln so am now able to offer much larger scale pieces of work including window panels and splashbacks - imagine having a shoal of fish swimming round your bathroom or kitchen...

We now have my studio helper in training and official shadow, Brucelee, out little rescue dog from Cyprus and his destructive little sister Miss Koko Chanel - chief in charge of destroying school shoes and chair legs...