Oil Drum Originals

Oil Drum Originals is the family run business of Ian and Kate Osman.

'Rescuing unloved things or 'wombling' as we call it has always been a big part of our lives - we like nothing more than the challenge of turning something discarded into a thing of beauty with new purpose and a new home.'

Based alongside the Kate Osman Glass studio, the workshop is a hive of activity with the Oil Drum elves busy rescuing furniture and creating things of loveliness for sale or on a commission basis.

While much of what they do is based round unloved furniture, Ian and Kate have also combined their talents to create a new range of work. Taking the randomest of finds from the workshop and beach, recycled glass from the studio, painting techniques, the odd hammer and a little bit of magic they are excited to bring you the most beautiful seaside houses, boats and seascapes...

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